5 major digital marketing mistakes that can be big Spoilers



With the digital transfusing which is blurring the lines between conventional marketing and the evolving trends, the focus of digital marketers has shifted to managing the visual imprints of the brand.

# Mistake 1: Not having clear goals

One of the biggest mistakes that digital marketers do is to not set clear goals at the beginning of the campaign. In order to track the success of a digital marketing campaign, it’s necessary to define goals (sales, form completions, calls, sign ups, etc.) and ensure that analytics tracking is properly set up for these goals. Without measurable, it would nearly be impossible to calculate the ROI and the profitability.

# Mistake 2: Not targeting the right audience

Another big mistake which can be the reason behind the lagging of the business in spite of creating good campaigns and meaningful content, is targeting the wrong audience.

Digital communication is becoming noisier and it takes a hell lot of effort and investment to create a cult and get noticed. If such kind on investment is being taken for a ride, nothing can save the business. Moving beyond the age and number and focusing on behavioural patterns should be the goal.

# Mistake 3: Being anti-social on social

Social media is a place for engagement and dialogue and not just a tool to broadcast messages and information. Digital marketers who understand this fact and involve a community sharing and engagement approach in their digital plan have found to be successful.

# Mistake 4: Neglecting mobile

Mobile is becoming the dominant digital platform consumers use, now accounting for 62 percent of all digital media time. Having a comprehensive digital plan which is compatible with mobile has become one of the necessities which the brands can not do away with.

# Mistake 5: Writing off Email marketing

Neglecting email marketing can prove to be a huge mistake in the future. As the lines between site, sales and marketing are blurring, email remains one of the most authentic and reliable means of personal communication with the customers. A high level of customization which has become predominantly associated with email marketing, is being used as a promotional strategy by the successful brands and those neglecting it might have to foreseen a huge lose in future.

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