5 ways to make your social media posts fresh and engaging


Social media is no more an option, it has become the necessary element of the digital marketing plan. But one challenge which always occupy the prominence is to make them fresh, relevant and engaging for the audience. Most of the companies are leveraging social media power to keep their customers engaged and here are few ways to make them appealing to your audience:

Real Time posts:

Current happenings, news topics and latest beats have become  a trend which help to initiate a conversation and engage the audience. The topics you news-jack don’t necessarily have to be connected directly to your brand or service, but they do serve to humanize it.


Many successful brands have been using this tool to engage and reward their customers. If you develop a reputation as a social media brand that regularly rewards it’s audience, your engagement levels will grow and strengthen.


Including images and videos try to bring about a freshness and flavour to your page, thereby also engaging customers and adding to their delight.


Polls help to get to know the real taste of the audience. It also engages them and give your social reach a voice.


Say what? A meme is a current internet trend — something that’s gone viral. They’re often funny and entertaining, and anyone is welcome to take part in a meme. It’s a great way to personalize your brand and inject humour.

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