Choosing the appropriate social media channel for your Brand


Whether you aim is to sell your product or sway your customers through your wit and humour, the first step is to mark your presence in the already colourful world of social media.

If you want to leverage your social media presence, you need to work constructively on building up the presence. The importance of the activity is genuine and has been increasing exponentially. A recent research from E consultancy has indicated a substantial increase in the future investment plan of 71 percent of brands, especially allocated for social media plans to enhance their digital presence.

But the first question arises, which platforms a brand should focus and build upon. Selecting a social media channel and growing on it is crucial and demands a critical strategical input.

Following factors should be considered and evaluated before making the selection:

Facebook, the most popular platform should be in your first level of strategy as would embark your social media journey on a successful note. Brands usually use it to mark their presence and also to engage the customers through witty and appropriate posts. Facebook proves to be a great platform for promoting virtually any information for is widest and heterogeneous user base.

LinkedIn, proves to be an ideal platform for business-to-business companies, as it provides a strong platform for sharing the business related content and also connecting with other corporate influencers online.

Instagram is a great option for brands that rely heavily on images, such as clothing companies and retailers.

Pinterest has evolved to be an excellent social network to reach women, especially for brands selling jewellery or clothing.

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