Trends to impact Digital Marketing initiatives


The world of social media continues to gain momentum but not many have given it a thought that this concept existed even before the advent of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Isn’t direct interaction with customers or business partners and building cordial relationships with them at the heart of your social media activities? We’ve seen these in a slightly different form through group discussions in schools, catching up with acquaintances at parties and sending of gifts or cards to clients on festive occasions. However, the digital stage that current social media networks are now at can be a little perplexing to keep up with. To stay ahead in the competitive world of business, it is important to understand the technologies that manoeuvre new online platforms.

Here are few trends which are visibly impacting the digital marketing plans of the brands globally:

  • Marketers must adapt to the ever “evolving” customers’ habit of using and perceiving social media to encourage relationship and engagement.
  • It is time to capitalize on social media efforts by adding call to action buttons in social media content.
  • Customers now don’t look for long and complicated content. They want to consume information quickly. So, the more a brand makes it information short and crisp, the more engagement will occur.
  • There is an emergence of programmatic media to automate the process of buying, placement, optimization, and efficiency of brand messaging.
  • Owing to the information overload, the demand for filtered content will rise, which in turn will create a ground for segmented media channels.

Digital marketers need to understand the real value of reaching out to their target audience in an unconventional way. They need to break free to confirm their future success.

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