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The digital marketing industry is growing at a fast pace and every business is trying to stay competitive for its clients. If the paradigm in the world of real estate is “Location, Location, Location”, its equivalent in the digital marketing domain is “Create, Create, Create”. But this at times can be difficult to handle alone.

If you are a digital marketing agency, a marketing consultant, software development company, or domain/hosting provider, we will love to work with you. We offer friendly partnership structures to help you offer your clients the best marketing and technology solutions. Our team will support you in accelerating the growth of your business.

Credence Digital Marketing offers the following partnership programs to help you deliver better marketing campaigns and technology solutions:


Affiliate Partnership

This is a great option for small businesses that are trying to widen their network of clients and generate more revenue. As our affiliate partners, you get 360° solutions for all the SEO, social media and content marketing needs of your clients. It also involves provision of ranking reports and detailed SEO audits on an integrated platform.

Referral Partnership

With the referral partnership program, we train your team on the cutting edge trends in the digital marketing and software industry. We also provide the sales & marketing collateral that you need to make convincing proposals to organizations in your network. You can win the trust of your clients by giving them all the resources that help them become the leaders in their industry. And we will seamlessly support you for the same.

Agency Partnership

In here you can create higher revenue inflows by reselling our software and solutions. We will give you custom products and services that help you diversify your business offerings, grow your clientele and expand your market. After all, there are no limits to new opportunities for growth!

On partnering with Credence, you enjoy the benefits of:

    • Undying trust and transparency in business relationships
    • Ready access to a wide pool of talented professionals
    • Chiselled online marketing capabilities
    • Controlled development costs for your products and services
    • Streamlined processes that ensure consistent results
    • Quick turnaround times & timely delivery of projects

Call us at 514-400-9943‬ to know more about our partnership programs.

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